Unique Ideas To Bond With Your Male Friends

bucksIf you are planning a traditional bucks night but are not really the boozing type, why not explore other options to get your make friends and relatives together and have a good time? Here are some trending ways men are transforming the bucks night concept which also involves healthier options.

Fitness camps
For men who are fitness freaks, there is nothing more rejuvenating than a fitness camp. There are many boot camp weekend camps that are organized around town. You could get yourselves enrolled in one or get an organizer to arrange such an event exclusively for your group. A boot camp session will surely be a unique private bucks night alternative. You will be bonding with your make friends and relatives out in the wilderness and while trying out different physical challenges and tasks that will get everyone out of their usual mind frame and shaken up a bit.

Wilderness getaways
How about opting for a wilderness getaway with your friends or relatives? In place of a private bucks night you could opt to go on a hiking or a camping trip with your fellow friends. There are many campsites that offer package deals for groups. That will surely help one to unwind and relax as well as enjoy in a different setting with their friends, relatives and colleagues who would be part of the wedding day.

Festival weekends
If you love the music festivals and love to party, why not make your group join a festival that is being held in our city or somewhere else? Depending on the amount you wish to spend and the time you have, a festival will help you and your group to unwind and have fun and make it unique and a getaway as well. Most festival tours include stay and travel arrangements, as well, making it an unusual and unique get together for the groom and his friends. There are many tour operators who can be approached to get the arrangements done exclusively for the group.

Private functions
If you do not have the time to arrange a weekend getaway with your friends, why not opt to get a private function organized? All you need to do is find a venue that allows you to book the place exclusively for a couple of hours. There are package deals offered at these venues which usually takes care of the food and drinks as well as any kind of entertainment that you might desire. This will certainly be a great affair to organize for your male friends and get the mood going before your hens night packages Melbourne countdown begins. Many wedding portals offer such ideas and more for men and women to plan for their big day.