Tips For Making The Reception More Enjoyable

Weddings can easily go from being fabulous to pure boredom in a matter of minutes. The ceremony is a special and meaningful event for everyone, but the reception is where the fun begins. You need to ensure that your guests are comfortable and enjoying the day. Brides and grooms should keep in mind that there’s no specific way to have a wedding, you don’t really have to follow social norms and stick to a routine wedding. Incorporating a personal touch and unique ideas for entertainment can definitely ensure that your guests are awed and that they remember the event for the years to come. So, don’t be afraid to think out of the box when it comes to wedding planning.Here are some wedding ideas that would keep your guests talking about this wedding for a long time.

1. Proper seating arrangements

Make sure that you arrange guests accordingly, it would be really awkward if you seat them with people they don’t know much. It might seem like a good idea to mix up your guests so that they can spend time getting to know each other, but this can backfire easily and make the wedding awkward for the guests. Your guests are here to share your joy and to meet old friends they haven’t met in a while, so keep this in mind when determining the seating.

2. Give them something to be awed about

The location and the theme are the first things that your guests would notice at the wedding, so ensure that you hire a reputable wedding decorators Sunshine Coast that does a fantastic job.Make sure that you add a bit of a personal touch in the decoration. For example, consider having a theme that’s meaningful for the couple instead of focusing on a general theme, things like getting a customized wedding arch for hire or a specific dress code can make your wedding standout from the rest. Look online or ask your decorator for unique suggestions to make the day more glamorous.

3. Keep things short

Many couples tend to overdo their toasts, the long speeches aren’t that meaningful for your guests as it will be for your groom. Your guests will easily get bored, so make sure that your toast isn’t longer than 2 minutes.

4. Get your guests dancing?

Don’t wait too long to allow your guests to dance, just get them on the floor right after the couple’s first dance. Even if nobody says it out loud, everyone is thinking about dancing and having some fun, so don’t keep them waiting.